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Static Control Products and Supplies for ESD Protection
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13869-HUMIDITY INDICATOR CARD, 5% 10% 60% RH, J-STD-033C, 125 EA

13869 - HIC, 5%, 10%, 60%, Cobalt Dichloride Free, J-STD-033C, Can/125

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  • Meets MIL-I-8835A And JEDEC J-STD-033C Table 3-1 Dry Packing Requirements
    Measures the level of humidity that the contents of the packaging have been exposed to
  • For Use With Statshield® ESD Shielding Moisture Barrier Bags
    Use Desiccant to provide protection for moisture sensitive items such as surface mount devices
  • Humidity Indicator Spots Are Reversible
    Card can be reused providing better value
  • Lead-Free RoHS Compliant
    Cards can be shipped with RoHS compliant products
  • 125 Cards Per Can
    Protects and stores cards.
  • Made in The United States of America
    This item is stocked in Chino, CA.
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  • TB-2031 - Statshield® Moisture Barrier Bags Application Instructions

  • 13870 - Humidity Indicator Card (HIC) 2" x 3" Card for Vapor Protection

  • 13870 - MSDS, Humidity Indicator Card (HIC) 2" x 3" Card for Vapor Protection