Desco’s foot grounders are made in our Rochester, New Hampshire and Miami, Florida facilities. They are made on machines that were originally designed to make and repair a good pair of shoes. Over the years we adapted the machines
to specialize in manufacturing foot grounders for the static control industry. The same level of quality and competence
that is applied to a good pair of shoes is applied to a Desco foot grounder. We also manufacture a variety of other
products at these facilities including: smocks, gloves, welding cable covers, etc. Please stop by and see us when you are
in the area. We would love to give you a tour or you can check out foot grounders being Made in America via the internet cameras at the following links:
Rochester, NH Miami, FL
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Full Coverage Non-Marring Foot Grounder
Unique Design Requires No Fastening System
Flexible material that stretches over most shoes for quick and easy installation
Contact Points on Foot’s Sole and Heel Area
Additonal contacts points provide a more reliable continuous path to ground throughout walking motion.
17270 Small
17271 Medium
17272 Large
17273 X-Large
Premium Heel Grounder
Tear Resistant Rubber With Inner Scrim
Reinforced material prevents material
from tearing – increasing the service life
17200 1 megohm resistor
Sole Grounder
Large Contact Area on Ball of Foot
The combination of additional surface area and the contact point where the majority of the operator’s weight is forms a more consistent path to ground.
07503 Large, 2 megohm resistor
07501 Small, 2 megohm resistor
07502 Medium, 2 megohm resistor
Premium Full Coverage Foot Grounder

New 3 point hook and loop fastening system
Greater durability, comfort, ease of installation

17290 Small, 2 megohm resistor
17291 Medium, 2 megohm resistor
17292 Large, 2 megohm resistor
D-Ring Fastening Heel Grounder
D-Ring Fastening System
Size adjustable material expands to fit
most shoe sizes comfortably and flex
during walking

07590 1 megohm resistor

Premium Heel Grounder
Neoprene Rubber With No Exposed Carbon
Will not mar shoes or floors - reducing maintenance costs of touching up on floors

17252 Non-Marring, 1 megohm

Disposable Heel Grounder
ESD control programs only
cost money when they don’t work. Click HERE to ask an
ESD question.
Designed for single use for guests
Self-adhesive section for reliable adhering
to underside of heel
17155 High Visibility, Pack of 100
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