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6/13/2012 - Early Life Failure of Dissipative Workstation Mats
By: Sam Theabo and Brian Retzlaff
From: In Compliance Magazine

3/2/2011 - Oops...Practical ESD Protection vs. Foolhardy Placebos Electrical overstress (EOS) and electrostatic discharge (ESD) are dangerous to integrated circuits. Foolish humans make excuses, employ placebos, and hope that the laws of physics will not apply to them. This article exposes the folly of that thinking and suggests practical ways to protect electronic systems.

By: Bill Laumeister, Strategic Applications Engineer

1/20/2011 - Static Blamed for Galaxy 15 Computer Malfunction "Intelsat officials said an electrostatic discharge fouled its on-board software."

12/17/2010 - Are Standards Still Important? Even More So in the Global Economy Written by Fred Tenzer, Vice-Chair ESDA STDCOM

9/8/2010 - Removing moisture is still a hot topic by Terry Costlow, IPC online editor

9/3/2010 - Introducing New Disposable Wrist Strap from Desco
From: Global SMT and Packaging

8/30/2010 - Are Gloves Required for PCB Handling? Anyone coming in contact with a board assembly prior to final soldering should be wearing gloves...

7/13/2010 - The "Real" Cost of ESD Damage

By: Terry Welsher
rom: In Compliance Magazine