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Question Safe laundering of ESD smocks?

The technical bulletin recommends Woolite.  Aside from not using any (chlorine?) bleach, are most common liquid laundry detergents (i.e. All, Purex, Tide, etc.) also satisfactory for safe cleaning of ESD smocks?  Thank you

Whatever the detergent and laundering method used, ESD garments should be tested to verify proper performance. Just place the garment on an insulative surface and test (ref: ANSI/ESD STM 2.1) sleeve-to-sleeve resistance using a Surface Resistance Test Kit using two 5# electrodes.

The bulk of our experience is with Woolite, but it is likely that other non-ionic liquid detergents, which leave less residue than powders, would be fine. Fabric softeners typically are insulative risking an increase in the resistance measurement and should not be used.

Powder detergent may cause caking and frictional wear.

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