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Question What is the minimum requirement or better yet, is there a minimum requirement on testing wrist straps? Do they have to be re tested is the workers take them off for lunch? What if they just disconnect them and wear the band to lunch and then come back? - Sharon, Wilkes-Barre, PA
Answer There is no predefined minimum requirement in testing wrist straps, but a good rule of thumb is to test them every time you put one on or start a new job. The testing frequency really depends on the ESD sensitive devices that you are trying to protect. If the devices are rather expensive and are handled by an operator, than a constant monitor may be necessary, but if the device are not that sensitive and are relatively low cost, then periodic testing may be adequate. There are several things that you should look for when testing your wrist strap. Make sure it fits snugly about the wrist, the conductive fibers or metal/conductive material is against the skin, the snap on the buckle is snug, the snap on the coil cord is properly fastened and the banana plug springs are flexible and fit snugly in the banana jack. Things to look for: intermittent discontinuity in the coil cord (usually at the ends), dirt, oil and skin build up on the inside of the band (this will reduce the conductivity of the band), and a 1 to 5 pound pull of the coil cord from the buckle snap for safety.
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