Survey Request

How a Desco ESD survey works:

  1. Use the Desco Survey¹ template to evaluate your ESD Control Plan.
  2. If you do not have equipment to make the necessary measurements, contact us for options².
  3. Email a copy of your notes and measurements and an iNarte ESD certified technician will evaluate your program to the ESDA’s ANSI/ESD S20.20

  • Click HERE to download Desco survey template.

  • For additional help, click HERE to download Desco survey template guide.

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Or contact Desco to request a survey at no charge!


Survey Vs. Audit

The Desco ESD Survey should not be considered a replacement for any part of the Compliance Verification Plan Audit. The survey is conducted independent of a written ESD Control Plan that may already be in place. Unless noted, the survey assumes one level of protection throughout the area(s) surveyed. The findings of the survey will not be shared with anyone outside of the sales rep conducting the survey or Desco, unless otherwise requested.

2. Desco sales representatives have the test equipment necessary for ESD survey. A Desco sales rep may take measurements and make observations of your ESD Control Plan or the Desco sales rep may provide you with equipment to preform your own survey. Surveys and test equipment may not be available in certain locations due to the availability of a Desco sales rep. Please contact us for further details.