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Static Control Products and Supplies for ESD Protection
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ESD Smocks

ESD Smocks

Length of Smocks

Statshield Smocks - Jackets
Statshield® Smocks - Jackets
Statshield Smocks - Lab Coats Statshield® Smocks - Lab Coats

Smock Features

Sublimated Logo
Sublimated Logo (Back)
Size and Name Label
Size and Name Label (Inside Collar)
Sleeve Pen Pocket
Sleeve Pen Pocket
Badge Holder Tab and Symbol
Badge Holder Tab and Symbol
Badge Holder Tab In Use
Badge Holder Tab In Use
Hip to Cuff
Hip to Cuff
Hip to Cuff In Use
Hip to Cuff In Use
Hip to Cuff Grounding Snap
Hip to Cuff Grounding Snap / Brand Label
Hip to Cuff Inside
Hip to Cuff Ground Path (Inside Smock)
Hip Pockets
Hip Pockets
Snap Button
Snap Button
Knitted Cuffs
Knitted Cuffs
Snap Cuffs
Snap Cuffs

Colors Available

(Click Color Swatch to View Product Offering)

 Colors Available Blue Grey Teal Pink Orange Burgundy Black White
 Name Label*
 Sublimated Logo
 Badge Holder Tab
 ESD Symbol
 Snap Button*
 Hip-to-Cuff Grounding Snap*
 Brand Label
 Hip-to-Cuff Ground Path
 Sleeve Pen Pocket
 Conductive Cuffs
 Cuff with Snap

  *Common To All Smocks

Sublimation Capabilities

   Images are initially printed on coated heat-resistant transfer paper as a reverse image of the
   final design, which is then sublimated into our fabric smocks in a heat press.

   • Images will not peel.
   • Dye does not build up on the fabric.
   • Maximum image size can be 10.5" x 16.5".

   For a custom sample of the capabilities, send us your artwork HERE.

ESD Smocks Sublimation

Embroidery Capabilities

   Custom Logos of Your Company Logo:
   • Most logos (up to 10K stitches) will fit on a standard garment breast area.
   • Desco can provide a logo evaluation and samples at no charge.
   • Desco can digitize logos from a high resolution JPEG files.

   Custom Direct Embroidery for Name, Departments, Etc.:
   • 2 Font Styles in 2 Different Sizes.
   • 6 Standard Colors.
   • Custom Colors and Fonts Available.

   To request a custom embroidery smock, click HERE.

Embroidery Smock
Embroidery Name
Name Placement/Color
Embroidery Font
Font Type/Size
Embroidery Company Logos
Company Logos


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